Robotics, Electronics, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing

About me:


I am a engineer from germany and interested in all sorts of technology. From internal combustion engines over robotics to manufacturing.

I am curious to learn new things. Be it software or design skills , manual craft skills or new / enhanced prototyping skills.



About this site:


This site serves the documentation of my journey to enhance my skills as a maker. It shall offer helpfull reviews of machines, tools and crafting techniques for everybody who wants to try things on their own or want to get some guidance if a machine or tool ist worth the money or is not.


The site is structured into 3 main fields:


1. Reviews:

Here you can find some information about machines I own or use on a dayly basis to complete my projects.


2. Projects:

A quick overview about all projects I have done in the past to give you some inspiration in what you may want to do or ask project-specific questions.


3. Tutorials:

Here you find a few in depth instructions and information on specific tools, projects or crafting techniques.