This is a quick teaser of the technical data & specification for the CorEssentials 3D printer. This is the ALPHA / prototype Version made of 6mm thick Dibond panels.


View my current 3D model here:


CorEssentials Fusion360 Model


You can find all files and further information on the GITHUB-Page.

General Specification


Built Volume: 240 mm x 250 x mm x 250 mm

Hotend: E3D V6 0.4mm (Bowden & direct available)

Extruder: Bondtech BMG

Built Plate: Magnetic Spring Steel with PEI or Pertinax

Heated Bed: 230V, 600W silicone heater up to 120°C

Connectivity: 7" Touchscreen, USB and Ethernet

Bed Leveling: Hardware bed leveling with 4 independent motors

Filament runout sensor

Enclosure: Completely enclosed print volume with active temperature regulation and passive heated chamber (through heated bed), LED illumination



Open for all Filament

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Supported Filament: ABS, ASA, PC, Nylon, PETG, PLA, PP, HIPS and much more

carbon and  particle filled filaments possible with different toolhead

Tool Head



derived from VORON V2.2, 100% compatible

E3D V6 40 Watt Heater

quick-swapp with 2 screws and 1 connector

direct or bowden tool available





Electronics & more


Controller: Duet 2 Maestro with a total of 7 stepper drivers

Heated bed: KEENOVO 230V 600W heater

Power Supply: Meanwell 24V 10A 

Coldend cooling: 4010 axial fan

Part cooling: 2x 4010 blower fan

Chamber filtration: 6025 axial fan

Electronics cooling: 2x 6025 axial fan

Linear Motion: CE MGN9H for xy gantry and 10mm rods for z

Belt driven z axis

Completely open source: all Fusion 360 files and .stp assembly available